September 25, 2020 pathwd 0 Comments

When Truck Receiving is A Guessing Game

When is my order arriving? Why is this order not complete?

Tracking orders is a problem. It’s a problem for contractors who want window and door dealers to give them updates. It’s a problem for window and door dealers who don’t have the receiving information their contractors want. Not only that, WD dealers are left hanging on whether or not an order will arrive complete. 

Contractor’s schedules are based around the delivery of your windows and doors. When a truck shows up to the warehouse missing parts of an order, it delays building schedules and causes headaches for all involved.

Tracking Delivery of Windows & Doors Should Be Easier!

This is the age of tracking delivery date, time, and location of almost any purchase, 24-7 from a phone or computer. Why are window and door dealerships riding on stone wheels comparatively? Oftentimes dealers are left waiting a month after an order is placed with barely any insight to offer on when, and what will be showing up. It’s a frustration for employees and owners.

Even after a delivery arrives, most dealerships have multiple people unloading, calling off number by number to someone else who painstakingly checks off every item. Imagine the countless man hours wasted by these inefficient processes. 

Window & Door Dealers Logistics Software That Works

Path OM is a tool Marvin dealers have been asking and waiting for. After placing an order for Marvin, Path OM pulls all the order data into its system and confirms the order has been placed. As soon as Marvin schedules the week of delivery, Path OM updates sales and scheduling. If any expected shipping date changes, sales and scheduling are notified. Dealers can then keep contractors a/o homeowners informed about changing delivery times.

When the truck closes at Marvin, Path OM creates a receiving list used for scanning all the truck items including screens, loose hardware, etc. When that truck shows up, either at dock or as a direct drop, grab a tablet or phone and scan items as they are unloaded. Finish the job in half the time with fewer people. 

When unloading is done, any missing items are clearly identified by an icon. Path OM notifies dealer personnel of the partial, or fully received status of every order on the truck. 

It’s that simple. The unload is complete and Path OM is ready to receive the next truck.