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July 8, 2020 pathwd 0 Comments



Window and Door Dealership Logistics: From Chaos to Calm

When you have multiple jobs, moving through multiple stages, with multiple people working on them, a lot of important steps are often lost or forgotten.

This causes chaos for the staff, extremely angry customers, and thousands (of dollars) lost in mistakes. By following PATH|WD’s custom workflow, built inside of window and door dealerships, the job is completed by moving step-by-step through all the predetermined stages it requires.

Once a task is completed by an employee, the next stage is automatically assigned to the next person, whose job it is to complete it. Every user can decide how they want to be notified of a new task. PATH was built to work around how you already work best.

As a window and door dealership, success over the competition is ultimately not as much about your products, as it is about your process.