Scan it. Track it. Find it.
“We have been waiting for this for 16 years!”
Steve S
W&D Dealer, Texas

PATH | WD Order Management (OM)

Window and Door Dealers have asked for a better way to track orders, use manufacturer barcodes for receiving, locate product in their warehouse, and reload and unload using the same barcodes.  PATH | WD Order Management (OM) is the tool Dealers have been asking for.  

OM Helps a Dealer Verify Delivery

A builder recently called their dealer saying one window was missing.  The delivery coordinator quickly reviewed the order in PATH | WD OM.  The missing window had been received, loaded and delivered to the job using the barcode.  Job site photos also proved the window had been delivered.  As one manager said, “Now we don’t have to argue with builders, and say, ‘See, it has a red check next to it’ anymore.  That never went well.

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