Scan it. Track it. Find it.
“We have been waiting for this for 16 years!”
Steve S
W&D Dealer, Texas

What is PATH | WD Order Management (OM)?

Window and Door Dealers have asked for a better way to track orders, use manufacturer barcodes for receiving, locate product in their warehouse, and reload and unload using the same barcodes.  PATH | WD Order Management (OM) is the tool Dealers have been asking for.  

OM is a system designed specifically for you, a window and door dealer. Order, track, receive, store, and deliver your products in less time.  Leverage barcodes to verify items received, stored, or delivered.

Why do I need OM?

You need to get more done in less time, with fewer people.  Manufacturers have done this using barcodes.  Put that same power to work for you, and put the savings to your bottom line.

How does OM work?


  • Once an order is placed with the manufacturer, OM automatically imports and saves order and line item information.
  • Expected ship dates are tracked, and changes to dates are flagged for staff (Marvin only at this time).
  • After a manufacturer truck is received and unloaded, each order related to that truck is automatically updated and staff members are notified.
  • Bin locations can be quickly searched for all items in bin, or an item can be searched for bin location.
  • Deliveries completed via barcode scanning automatically track and save timestamps and quantities for each product delivered.


  • OM automatically imports and saves truck information and line items from the manufacturer prior to each truck’s arrival.
  • All items on a truck are listed in one place, ready for easy barcode scanning when the truck arrives.
  • Scanning the first item on the truck brings up the correct truck.  Simply scan the first item!
  • Built-in error control identifies duplicate scans, items not meant to be received, and even items the manufacturer may have moved between trucks at the last minute.


  • OM generates unique barcodes that can be printed and placed on each warehouse bin for easy product location tracking with a barcode scanner.
  • Items are placed in bins, and the location of all items is logged by scanning bin barcodes and window barcodes.
  • When items are moved to other bins, the change is easily tracked using barcodes.  Accurate current information is easy to maintain.


  • OM automatically generates load lists for deliveries to help make sure that no products get left behind in the warehouse.
  • Each product is tracked with a barcode scan when it is loaded for delivery and when it is delivered to the job site
  • Deliveries completed with a tablet or smartphone include direct photo uploads, an auto-generated delivery confirmation form, and customer e-signature.





Where can OM be used?

Use OM in the office, in the warehouse, at direct drops, at the jobsite–anywhere you need it.  Available on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone, with connection via wifi or data.

How much does OM cost?

Pricing is a small percentage of the job totals processed each month.  For a $20,000 job, you pay $20.  [.001 x list price of all jobs ordered the previous month.]

Payment is automatically charged on the first of each month-–easy, simple, accurate.

OM Helps a Dealer Verify Delivery

A builder recently called their dealer saying one window was missing.  The delivery coordinator quickly reviewed the order in PATH | WD OM.  The missing window had been received, loaded and delivered to the job using the barcode.  Job site photos also proved the window had been delivered.  As one manager said, “Now we don’t have to argue with builders, and say, ‘See, it has a red check next to it’ anymore.  That never went well.