Exclusively for Marvin Dealers

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Accurate, easy, fast.  PATH | OM

What does PATH | OM do?

Retrieve the order data from Marvin

Once a Marvin order is placed, input the order number and optional data into the system.  PATH | OM retrieves the order data for you and creates a record which will show estimated ship/delivery date as well as shipping status (i.e. partially shipped, fully shipped, etc.)

Creates a receiving list and updates status

PATH | OM generates a receiving list based on the order and will periodically check in with Marvin to stay up-to-date on the most recent order data. 

PATH | OM stores relevant information & sends notifications every step of the way

PATH | OM creates an organized record for these orders where you can upload files, send messages to teammates and receive notifications based on various stages of this process.

Once products arrive, scan and go

Once the trucks arrive, complete your receiving simply by grabbing a bluetooth scanner, your iOS or Android device, open PATH | OM and scan away.  PATH | OM will allow you to see which items are missing easily and quickly with its easy-to-read interface.   This stage also allows you to upload photos if anything was missing or damaged.

PATH | OM Pricing

$495 Setup

Monthly: 0.1% of total list price of orders processed during the previous month

PATH | OM Example Pricing Calculations

Annual Marvin List Price Orders
Approximate Annual Purchases
Approximate Annual # Trucks
Average OM Monthly Fee