September 30, 2020 pathwd 0 Comments

“Our biggest problem is handling invoices from 12 vendors for our 5 locations! If you can solve that log-jam, it’s a no-brainer for us to get your system.”

– WD Dealer/Owner

If there is a central issue for W&D Dealers, it is the disconnected systems they must bring under control, both to present accurate and professional proposals to clients, but then to order-acknowledge-receive and invoice products and services.

The “friction” created is huge and expensive.  One dealer had a full-time logistics person spending half her week typing in products in order to create accurate delivery tickets and track products correctly.  Another dealer had a part-time person coming in to scan the stacks of receiving paperwork that piled up daily.  Most dealers have their teams spending an estimated quarter of their available hours due to this friction, as the line items on orders drives the business processes.

There is a better way.  New advances in technology allow capable systems to remove this friction, allowing the data from 12 vendors to flow automatically into a central system, giving team members access for proposals, orders, acknowledgement, receiving, shipping, and invoicing—all without any team member typing a single product detail.

Would you like to get a quarter of your team’s time back to work on more sales, happier customers, and greater profit?  Remove your number-one friction problem.



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