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October 8, 2020 pathwd 0 Comments

COVID and Staff Realities

Finding and keeping warehouse/driver staff is difficult in normal times, but COVID has added challenges.  Adjusting staff size up and down isn’t easy or cheap, and survival may mean serving customers better with fewer people.

What If:

  • You could cut the time for receiving by 30-40%, with fewer warehouse people needed (watch this video)
  • Automatically prepare for receiving without printing paperwork ahead of time or having to process receiving paperwork for each job after? Save 30-40% on support staff time.
  • Accurately receive all order items, with bar code scanning of manufacturer’s bar codes already on the products.
  • Know all line and sub-line items have gotten reloaded and delivered to the job site
  • Only pay for what you use, so big months are handled well, and smaller months you aren’t paying for staff you don’t need
  • Allow admin and sales staff to work remotely and be automatically notified when orders are received, then loaded and delivered

There is a solution that does all this, and right now it is FREE FOR TWO MONTHS!!  No strings, no credit card needed up front—-just some help to let you get better work done in less time with fewer people.  If it doesn’t prove valuable, you simply go back to the old way of doing everything and owe nothing.