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October 11, 2019 pathwd 0 Comments

Construction is busy and W&D Dealers are running faster than ever.  Our team is constantly reaching out to Dealer Owners across the US & Canada, and it is difficult to get 15 minutes to speak about important issues, because many owners are working 70 hour weeks.  This business activity is welcome, as most of us remember too easily the vacuum sound that started in 2007-2008 and continued for years.  So yes—bring it!

There is a danger in running forward as fast as possible if you have your head down.

Moving Your Window & Door Dealership Forward, Without Losing Balance

With your eyes focused on the next task, you can run into things you didn’t see.  In order to know if you are still on course, you need to get a different perspective, need to bring your eyes up and get a bird’s eye view.

There is an old story about the difference between a leader and a manager moving through the jungle.  The manager leads the troops, hacking away at the growth and insuring the team has sharp tools and is engaged in the mission.  The team makes wonderful progress, and all seems well.  The leader, however, shimmies up the tree, looks around, and announces, “Wrong direction!”

What Part Does An Owner Play In Progress?

There are two things we must consider as leaders, for our sakes.  1.  If I have to work 70 hour weeks, that means I don’t have enough resources to allow me to work a reasonable work-week—what is this costing my health, joy, and family?  2.  Is there a way that would allow my team to get their work done, my business to thrive, and me to be able to have work-life balance?

There are Dealerships growing right now, but they are doing it without the owners working 70-hour weeks.  The secret is investing in the right tool, an installed system that takes your current team and operations and puts them on steroids.  Why don’t you come up for air and take a look?