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PATH | WD Knows Window & Door Dealerships’ Needs

Multiple projects, quotes, jobs, orders, services, oh my!

We know there are so many moving parts within each job, and it can be difficult to stay on top of everything.  PATH | WD allows you to track it all, which in turn minimizes loss and mistakes.  Stay organized and manage your dealership’s workflow automatically. 

Details matter and customers notice.

Your customers want quick, informed, and accurate answers.  Have you experienced unnecessary loss due to incorrect information or mismanaged time and resources?  PATH | WD provides detailed views at your fingertips allowing you to swiftly provide relevant information in a timely manner.

It’s even harder to keep them in this age of social media.

Service departments especially are susceptible to falling through the cracks and costing dealerships business.  PATH | WD allows your dealership to keep track of all service calls/outreaches, appointments, parts, labor, photos, etc., again minimizing loss of resources, profit, time, and most importantly, your customer base.

Employee turnover happens.  Be prepared.

Training and developing employees takes both time and resources and both are extremely valuable.  PATH | WD houses every detail about your jobs, services, invoices, customers, etc.  Utilizing PATH | WD ensures that turnover doesn’t hold up these jobs and services.

How long are your jobs and services taking?  

PATH | WD securely keeps all of your data in one place.  That data is powerful and you can use it to improve your dealership, your customer relationships, your sales teams, and your profit margins.  

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