Scales of justice with judges gavel and law books
April 30, 2020 pathwd 0 Comments

There are ancient laws discovered centuries ago, and they control our world.  Did you know there are three “new laws” that are having a profound impact on your dealership and customers?


MOORE’S LAW:  Roughly stated, our data processing capacity doubles ever 18 months.


NIELSON’S LAW:  Internet connection speed grows by 50% every 12 months.


KRYDER’S LAW:  New products double the data storage capacity every 12 months.


Why do these “laws” matter to you, a Window & Door Dealer?



  • Your competitors are adapting, and soon you may have competition from companies that specialize in putting small businesses out of business


  • If you can harness the power, connection, and storage increases, you can not only adapt, but thrive and survive.  (Are you still manually creating proposals? Not getting E Signatures?  Manually processing vendor paperwork?)


The key?  Getting a centralized system that is “built to adapt,” one that helps you understand how to benefit from technology and keeps you relevant and strong.  Serve customers better and lower overhead using smart automation and data handling.


Put the power of the three laws to work for you, rather than against you!




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